Dances with Emutants
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Dances with Emutants

Welcome to my Gaming Site!

Dances with Emutants was the demo name I had when I was a representative of xB9/Demonblade's table top Sci-Fi miniature based game of combat in a future America, or what's left of it, called ShockForce. A second game called Gwar:Rumble in Antartica, pits the Scumdogs of Gwar the Band against their rivals.

But alas xB9/Demonblade has shut it's doors and is no more, but there is light at the end of this tunnel. Dark Tortoise Productions has retains the rights to the WarEngine. This was the core rules that made ShockForce and Gwar so great. So browse around, and check out my galleries while here.

Check out my menu for my rules conversions of Game Workshop's Epic 40,000 to the WarEngine rules. It is not completed, nor has it been playtested, but I am very close! In fact I am currently working on the stats for Squats.

There is also a Space Marine and Eldar 2nd Edition stats. Mind you they are not as powerful as the 1st Edition stats. Space Marines are based on basic Megacomm troop, just imagine them as a Canadian army wearing environmental suits to protect them from all the pollutants, toxins, and genetic mutations within the USA.

Also you will find my ShockForce Campaigns rules, which again have not been playtested. They probably could also use an update to 2nd Edition point values

Be sure to check out the story of Dances with Emutants too!

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